Features and Attractions

Make the most out of your experience at the Uncommon Ranch. From our property features to local attractions, your getaway is at your leisure.


Private Uncommon Trails - Cross Country Skiing

Uncommon Trails

Renters gain access to our private trails. Cross-country ski, snowshoe, and hike through the beauty of our estate’s wilderness.

Graceful Northern Michigan Whitetails showcasing their natural beauty in a serene woodland setting.


Surrounded by coveted Kirtland Warbler habitat and wildlife of all sorts that is native to Northern Michigan. 

Close-up shot capturing the warm glow and flickering flames of a campfire in nature.


Enjoy the warm and cold evenings around the campfire with friends and family.

Close-up of feet kicked up in a hammock, embodying the essence of leisure and relaxation.


Kick back and relax in a hammock or comfy chair. With virtually no neighbors, immerse yourself in the peace of the wilderness.

Two horseshoes encircling the post, a classic outdoor game symbolizing leisure and friendly competition.

Outdoor Games

Horseshoe pits and plenty of room for other outdoor games for those who like a little challenge.

A breathtaking view of the Lavender Fields at The Uncommon Ranch, bathed in the vibrant colors of full bloom.

Lavender Fields

An enchanting summer pleasure where nature’s beauty blooms a mesmerizing landscape.


A serene view of a snow-covered forest in Northern Michigan, where winter paints a tranquil and enchanting landscape.

Winter Wonders

Explore Michigan’s winter wonderland with festive activities and exciting recommendations from your hosts.

A happy couple cycling together on a scenic nature trail, enjoying the beauty of the outdoors.

Nature Trails

An abundance of nature with thousands of miles of hiking, biking, cross country skiing, and snow shoeing trails. 

Close-up of a golf ball resting near the hole, capturing the anticipation of a successful putt on the green.

Forest Dunes Golf Club

Within a 9-iron stroke from one of the country’s finest golf courses.

Scenic view of Higgins Lake from the tranquil shore, capturing the natural beauty of the clear waters and surrounding landscape.

Higgins Lake

Ranked as one of Michigan’s most beautiful lakes with crystal clear water that will leave you in awe. 

A peaceful and calm shot of the Au Sable River, where nature's tranquility reflects in the gentle flow of the water.

Au Sable River

A stone’s throw away from scenic trout fishing and leisurely canoeing & kayaking.

Capturing the moment of a beer being filled from a tap, showcasing the artistry of craft brewing.

Local Food & Drinks

Local breweries, restaurants, artists and artisans that bring forth unique experiences.

A captivating view of Hartwick Pines in the fall, where vibrant foliage transforms the landscape into a tapestry of autumnal hues.

Hartwick Pines

A treasure of old-growth forest with stunning character year-round.

A breathtaking sunset over Houghton Lake, casting warm hues across the tranquil waters, capturing the serene beauty of dusk.

Houghton Lake

Great fishing and an easy striking distance from the Uncommon Ranch to the beaches.

An eerie scene of the moon veiled by ominous clouds in the dark night sky, evoking a sense of mystery and spookiness.

Pere Cheney

An allegedly haunted destination that leaves the question, what happened to Pere Cheney?

A skilled hunter in the woods, poised with a compound bow, embodying the art of silent pursuit in the wilderness.


Surrounded by public hunting land, immerse yourself in Michigan’s native game.

A close-up shot capturing the joyous moment of a fisherman proudly holding a freshly caught trout.


Reel in dinner from Michigan’s freshwater sources accessible from land or boat.

A stoic statue at Camp Grayling, standing as a sentinel and a symbol of honor.

Camp Grayling

The largest military training facility in the United States.

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