Lavender Fields at The Uncommon Ranch

A Seasonal Delight

Nestled in the heart of Northern Michigan, our lavender fields provide a peaceful retreat into a world of tranquility. Wandering through the rolling fields, you’ll find the air filled with the calming fragrance of lavender, orchestrating a delightful sensory experience. The vivid shades of purple and green create a captivating tapestry against the expansive, cloud-dotted sky. The soft murmur of bees contributes to the harmonious ambiance.

Whether in search of solitude or a picturesque setting, our lavender fields assure a captivating encounter, encouraging you to immerse yourself in the natural serenity of Northern Michigan’s beauty.

Supporting a Sustainable Future Nationwide

Organic Lavender


We believe in harmony with nature, which is why our lavender fields are organically farmed. This ensures that our lavender is free from harmful chemicals, preserving the health of ecosystems.


At The Uncommon Ranch, our lavender fields are a labor of love. We cultivate several varieties of lavender, creating a colorful and fragrant haven for nature enthusiasts and relaxation seekers alike.


Harnessing the calming and mood-enhancing properties of lavender, our products bring a touch of tranquility to your wellness routine, creating a soothing escape in the midst of your daily life.

Explore, Engage, and Connect


Immerse yourself in guided tours through our Lavender Fields, a journey of aromatic discovery.


Join us during 2024 for a variety of public events. Calendar and details to be released in the Spring.


Explore partnership opportunities amidst the lavender hues, where business meets the beauty of Northern Michigan.


Capture the enchanting vibrance of our Lavender Fields in every frame. Photographers can book private sessions.

Moon over lavender.  Amazing sunset tonight and this is its reflection over the fields.  #puremichiganlavender #sunsets  #lavender #upnorth #purple #lavenderhaze  #moonover
On this day of love, what better way than to share this beautiful photo of  Beau and Erin taken in our lavender field.  We can’t wait to meet their baby this summer for a family photo. - photo taken by Callie Wilkins. #photography #babyontheway #love #sunset #lavenderphotography #lavenderfields 

Interested in scheduling a photo session in our fields this summer  please DM us.
Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at The Uncommon Ranch! 

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Good morning. Days are starting early now and spring is almost here. When are you visiting?
A little hoar frost  on our ranch dragon this morning ! #hoarfrost #dragon #uncommonranch #winterwonderland  #wintersbeauty
Couldn’t resist!  What better way to make #lavenderlemoncookies than with a lavender mixer.  #lavender #cookiesofinstagram #puremichiganlavender #lavenderfields #cookingwithlove
Do you see the lavender?  All tucked in nicely under this beautiful blanket of snow. Enjoy the snow everyone and see you in spring!  #snow #michigan #upnorthmichigan #lavenderfields #michiganlavender #puremichiganlavender #uncommonranch #upnorth #WinterWonderland #lavenderfields💜 #lavender
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What do lavender farmers do in the winter? 

Let’s ask our fellow Michigan farmers? 

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