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The Uncommon Ranch Grayling, Michigan

Welcome To The Uncommon Ranch


Powered By Nature

Solar Energy

Renewable clean power providing a pollution-free solution to protect the stunning environment surrounding us.

Naturally Sourced Water

Emanated from the sky and the ground, purity provided by Mother Nature.

Clean Air

The caliber of fresh air you can only find by the diversity of native tree species that reside in the Huron National Forest.

The Uncommon Ranch: Redefining A Remote Getaway

Combining modern sustainability with a luxurious wilderness retreat, the Uncommon Ranch sets the standard of a getaway that even Mother Nature agrees with. 

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The Uncommon Ranch Modern Homes

Modern Homes

Combining luxury with modern sustainability, our new and immaculately maintained homes are the perfect getaway.

Lavender Farm, The Uncommon Ranch

Property Features

Our estate is made up of hundreds of acres and surrounded by State/National Forests. 

Local Attraction, The Uncommon Ranch

Local Attractions

From beautiful lakes, nearly endless exploration opportunities, and one of the nation's best golf courses. 

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