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A captivating image of Fred's, a renowned restaurant in Roscommon, where culinary delights meet warm hospitality.

Fred’s of Roscommon

Fred’s Of Roscommon was established in 1956 and is known for providing quality food and excellent service, but also being fully immersed in Roscommon and surrounding cities. Fred’s features typical American ‘bar food’, bar, music and a great bowling alley.


Review From Your Hosts: As a well-known local establishment, guests of the Uncommon Ranch invariably find themselves visiting Fred’s. We continually hear that people enjoy their visits to Fred’s, and we can personally attest to many a fun evening at the bar interacting with the many people from the area and the many visitors that come to this part of Michigan. We also go there ourselves, with our favorite spot sitting at the bar itself.


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North 5th Street, Roscommon, Higgins Township, Roscommon County, Michigan, United States
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